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Friend's Ojai Honey (shipping included in prices)

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Friend's Ojai Honey: We have extra after a rainy spring and are now shipping our honey!

We don't usually ship our honey but are going to try it out in 2020 as we have extra-- we lost a lot of springtime sales with the covid shutdown.  You and your friends & family may need a little honey boost during these trying times. 

Our bees live in hives in the orchard and happily forage in the spring months on our citrus blossoms as well as visiting the chaparral forest surrounding the Ojai valley.  The bees make the honey from a wide array of native wildflowers and our orchards.  The result is a medium to light colored honey rich with citrus and natives.  When our dry, hot summer months arrive, we contract a local beekeeper to take the hives to better foraging grounds; typically they are moved to the coastal area or even as far as the Midwest. 

Our honey comes packed in plastic (PET) 1 pound or 3 pound bottles.  (We understand some people prefer glass containers but due to health code rules and weight we use plastic).  Choose either 1 pound or 3 pound containers.

Availability & Pricing: We will ship out orders early each week; place orders by Friday for shipping the following week.  Costs here include shipping to any US address

$25.00 for 1 one-pound bottle
$35.00 for 2 one-pound bottles
$45.00 for 3 one-pound bottles
$40.00 for 1 three-pound bottle
$65.00 for 2 three-pound bottles

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