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March Special 2020

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The March Special: springtime has arrived in Ojai!

This makes a great gift for folks in colder climes–

Some of our favorite flavors arrive in March.   Large, seedless and really amazing Yosemite Gold Tangerines (while the harvest lasts)!  Juicy, deeply orange W.Murcotts! Ojai Pixies, a couple of Fuerte Avocados and a Eureka lemon.

This March box is an excellent treat for any of your friends or family.  Boxes will include a few pounds each of Yosemite Gold tangerines, Ojai Pixies and W. Murcott tangerines with several Fuerte avocados and a lemon or two.

Exact varieties will depend on availability dictated by weather. All of our fruit is grown on our own farm and we grow for flavor.

A mixed box of of tasty Ojai citrus shipped the Monday after you order containing approximately 10 pounds of fruit.

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