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The February Special

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The February Special: Liven up the fruit bowl of a lover or friend! 
we ship every Monday in February

February is short but cold month for much of our nation– what better surprise than a tasty box of fresh fruit during the dreary winter days of this month?  This February our boxes will include: juicy and sweet Smith's Red blood oranges, seedless Cara Cara Navel oranges, a couple of Fuerte Avocados and several varieties of tangerines. The tangerine varieties may include: Daisy tangerines, Page tangerines, Dancy tangerines or W.Murcotts; all have deep, distinct flavors, it’s a treat to be able to try them.  Kids will gobble up everything in this box– the fruit is very sweet this month.

Exact varieties will depend on availability dictated by weather. All of our fruit is grown on our own farm and we grow for flavor.

A mixed box of of tasty Ojai citrus shipped the Monday after you order containing approximately 10 pounds of fruit.

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