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May Special 2021

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The May Special:
makes a great Mother's Day treat for grandmas, moms and kids alike

Brighten up the week of a friend or colleague with enough fruit for them to fill their fruit bowls and share with neighbors.  Juicy, deeply orange W.Murcotts, Ojai Pixies and a handful of Valencia oranges. Any of these fruits can be peeled and eaten out of hand, or blend the juices of the three together for an excellent juice (great as a cocktail mix!)

Boxes will include a few pounds of W. Murcott tangerines, 4 to 5 pounds of Ojai Pixies and up to six Valencia oranges, a total of 10 pounds of fruit.

Exact varieties will depend on availability dictated by weather. All of our fruit is grown on our own farm and we grow for flavor.

A mixed box of of tasty Ojai citrus shipped the Monday after you order containing approximately 10 pounds of fruit.

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