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The Plain Jane *free shipping

The Plain Jane *free shipping

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The Plain Jane: A simple sampler of what is best the week it is shipped!

The most economical option for your Ojai citrus fix.  Nothing fancy, no special box, tissue paper or wrapping.  We are trying to keep life simple but offer really great tasting Ojai citrus to you at an affordable cost.  Fruit selection will vary weekly depending upon what we feel tastes best.  You will get a spread of Ojai oranges and tangerines with a Lemon or two when in season.  Exact varieties will depend on availability dictated by weather.  All of our fruit is grown on our own farm and we grow for flavor!

We choose what we fill the box with (no special requests); you will get half a dozen oranges, some blood oranges, tangerines and a lemon or two. (Sorry, no avocados in 2019 due to the extreme heat of 2018, there simply are none). The packaging may be plain but the fruit is all first rate! To keep costs down there is no fancy paper or inserts included in the box. 

A mixed box of of yummy Ojai citrus containing approximately 9 pounds of fruit.

Price includes shipping!

Flexibility: Exact dates of shipping will depend upon the weather.  We cannot harvest in the rain (hopefully it does that here in Ojai this winter) and we do not ship into winter storms as citrus does not like to freeze even after harvest.  If recipients know they will be away we ask them to please let us know ahead of time so that fruit does not arrive to empty homes/offices.  Thanks.

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