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Order this and you will get nothing!    No cannabis permit required!
(Well, we will send a thank you card and our heartfelt appreciation)

Folks have been continually asking how they can help us after the fire-- Friend's Ranches has lost an estimated 15% of our 2018 income due to the Thomas fire. Crop insurance and our business insurance only covers about half of our losses.  We missed our holiday sales as Ojai was smoky and our road was closed in December.  In January we were unable to sell our usual wholesale orders to local produce vendors as our road remained closed after the rain.  The shut down of the 101 freeway in January cut us off from 1/3 of our January sales into the Santa Barbara area.  Oh yeah, we also lost production of 15% of our crop as over 600 trees went up in smoke (300 of which will probably survive to produce again in 2 or 3 years).   During it all we kept our employees paid full-time as they had holiday bills and family that had reduced hours due to the fire. 

So pick your donation and we will gladly use the money to pay our bills for rehabilitating burned trees, replace burnt pipes and move forward-- And of course it will help our business be here in the future for the community of the Ojai Valley that we care for and love so dearly. 

Thank you!

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