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Ojai Valencia Oranges

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Ojai Valencia Oranges: Fruit from our east-end orange groves
The 'juicing orange', but excellent for peeling & slicing too.

Ojai Valencia oranges are world renowned for being really flavorful and juicy.  We will fill one our mail order boxes with freshly picked Ojai Valencia oranges from our orchards. Our Valencias are picked the same day they are shipped, so they will arrive to you as fresh as possible.  This is a great box to share among your family, make some juice with or use in cooking.
All of our fruit is unwaxed and not treated with post-harvest chemicals so the peel is excellent for zesting or cooking with.

Please choose box size: A standard mail order box contains approximately 9 pounds of Valencias (20-27 pieces of fruit). Or you can upgrade to a carton of 20 pounds of Ojai Valencias (approximately 50-60 pieces of fruit)

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