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IN SEASON NOW    May 2015              Ojai Pixie tangerines!!
Yes, it is OJAI PIXIE season-- you have not eaten them all yet.
Tangerines galore-- Ojai Pixie Tangerines, W.Murcotts, and Tahoe Gold tangerines.
Eureka lemons, Valencia oranges.
And of course our Ojai honey, freshly squeezed orange juice and lemonade.  

We are at our packinghouse EVERY Tuesday and Friday 7am until noon 

All of our fruit arrived 3 to 4 weeks ahead of schedule due to the prolonged summer which lasted from mid-January through November 2014-- which means we are done with Avocados and Navel oranges.

Mail Order 2015: Shipping will continue until June 1st.  After that it just starts to get too hot for shipping, and too hard to be organized with the youngest generation out of school....

Our family has been growing citrus in the Ojai Valley for over 100 years!

Throughout this time our operation has gone through a lot of changes, expansions and cuts as well as changes in the fruit we grow and how we sell it.

We currently attend four farmers’ markets in Southern California year-round as well as selling directly from our packinghouse and through our on-line mail order.  We also sell our tangerines to wholesalers throughout California.

Our goal is to grow, pack and sell the best fruit we can that you, the consumer, demand. We hope you find our fruit as delicious as we do! As the customer, you ultimately decide what we grow and sell. We always appreciate your input.

We truly are a small family farm, operated by 4 family members, 4 employees, as well as the input of the our new fifth generation of tangerine eaters (Matthew, Andrew, Mariana, Oliver and Celeste)! Feel free to peruse the links to the left to find out more about our farm and our family.


July, 2013 Time flies– happy summer!

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