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It is tangerine season and our packinghouse is open on Monday*, Tuesday and Friday mornings 7am-noon; we hope you can swing by when we are there to purchase Ojai citrus from us. We are 4 miles up Hwy 33/Maricopa Hwy from the Vons shopping center in Ojai-- don't use your GPS (it won't work well due to limited service on Hwy 33), enjoy the views and look for the big warehouse on the right side of the road.  (If you get to some tunnels you went too far).
*We added Mondays as we are always there working on our seasonal mail order shipping though May.

It is Pixie Tangerine! We expect all good people to be getting their fill.
It is a big Ojai Pixie crop and we will continue harvesting every day through May or until they are all gobbled up.  

We do not offer u-pick: prohibited by insurance, food safety law and covid. Please purchase fruit from local farmers; there are plenty of fruit stands around Ojai.

MAIL ORDER: Sells out quickly each week-- we will post by noon pacific time every Tuesday what we have for sale to ship the following Monday. Our online store will be open Tuesday noon until Friday noon . We have less items for sale so that we can maximize how many boxes we can ship (and also because we simply have smaller amounts of fruit available as this is an off-year for many varieties like blood oranges and avocados).

Yes, we have tangerines-- we have juicy and delicious Tahoe Gold tangerines and W.Murcotts and Ojai Pixies.  We also have the new crop of Valencia oranges and Blood oranges. Year-round we have honey, eureka lemons, our famous juices and more. Come visit our packinghouse to stock up or meet us at the farmers' markets. New varieties of citrus season will come in every few weeks now through April. 

3/22/2021 We are soon to be getting our second vaccine doses and hopeful to put the covid year behind us.  We are harvesting 6 days a week, packing and selling every which way 7 days a week at farmers' markets, wholesale and our farm stand.  It is nice to see the crops come off the trees and the trees starting to bloom for the 2022 crop year (Yes, the pixies you are eating now were blooms in the spring of 2020-- so some good things did come out of 2020, right?!?).

You can check our instagram or our facebook page to see current photos and updates.

Our family has been growing citrus in the Ojai Valley for over 100 years!

We currently attend three farmers’ markets in Southern California year-round as well as selling directly from our packinghouse. We also sell our tangerines to wholesalers throughout California.

Our goal is to grow, pack and sell the best fruit we can that you, the consumer, demand. We hope you find our fruit as delicious as we do! As the customer, you ultimately decide what we grow and sell. We always appreciate your input.

We truly are a small family farm, operated by 4 family members, 4 employees, as well as the input of the our new fifth generation of tangerine eaters (Matthew, Andrew, Mariana, Oliver and Celeste)! Feel free to peruse the links to the left to find out more about our farm and our family.

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