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About Us

Our packinghouse is open on Tuesday and Friday mornings 7am-noon; we hope you can swing by when we are there to purchase Ojai citrus from us. We are 4 miles up Hwy 33/Maricopa Hwy from the Vons shopping center in Ojai-- don't use your GPS (it won't work well due to limited service on Hwy 33), enjoy the views and look for the big warehouse on the right side of the road.  (If you get to some tunnels you went too far).

Wishing you a healthy, happy & citrus filled 2021!
Oh boy!  We were written up again by the Wall Street Journal which has created a flurry of orders for us (see the nice article here). Needless to say, our mail order capacity has maxed out. 
Once we get the back orders shipped out we will "restock" our store. 
WE CANNOT EXCEPT MORE MAIL ORDER BUSINESS UNTIL FEBRUARY.  Please be patient, there are only so many boxes we can fill each week; we are a but a small family farm and only have so much fruit to harvest and ship. 
Thank you for the business!  Each order is appreciated. 

We hope you and your families can find some time to enjoy the outdoors this winter, find some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the world around.  Of course we hope you keep your fruit bowls full this winter.  Fresh fruit is always a good part of a healthy diet.  Keep your immune system happy. 

Yes, we have tangerines-- we have juicy and delicious Lee tangerines and Satsumas and LeeXNovas.  We also have 3 varieties of orange:Valencias, Navels and Cara Cara. We also have Meyer Lemons and Bacon avocados. Year-round we have honey, eureka lemons, our famous juices and more. Come visit our packinghouse to stock up or meet us at the farmers' markets. New varieties of citrus season will come in every few weeks now through April. 

1/16/2021 We are in our crazy busy season-- and we have made some hard decisions about not going to markets in LA here and there to reduce our Covid exposure.  Sorry to those of you who miss us in Hollywood.  Things are different this year; among other things, no more shared meals at lunch time and less work time for our employees who are juggling childcare/online schooling. Every day is a new adventure and we are doing our best; many of us working more hours than ever.

You can check our instagram or our facebook page to see current photos and updates.

Our family has been growing citrus in the Ojai Valley for over 100 years!

We currently attend three farmers’ markets in Southern California year-round as well as selling directly from our packinghouse. We also sell our tangerines to wholesalers throughout California.

Our goal is to grow, pack and sell the best fruit we can that you, the consumer, demand. We hope you find our fruit as delicious as we do! As the customer, you ultimately decide what we grow and sell. We always appreciate your input.

We truly are a small family farm, operated by 4 family members, 4 employees, as well as the input of the our new fifth generation of tangerine eaters (Matthew, Andrew, Mariana, Oliver and Celeste)! Feel free to peruse the links to the left to find out more about our farm and our family.