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The Friend's Ranches packinghouse

Our packinghouse (15150 Maricopa Hwy)  is open every Tuesday and Friday morning from 7am until noon. We are sometimes around other times, so if you drive by and the door is open, please pop your head in and see what we have available. At our packinghouse we only sell what we grow: citrus, honey and other seasonal Ojai fruits as well as seasonal freshly squeezed juices. 
Please call ahead if you are interested in large quantities (more than 50 pounds).  tel. 805-646-2871

We are also at the Ojai farmers’ market in Ojai every Sunday 9am-1pm.
Our fruit is also found seasonally at Ojai's premium locally owned grocers: Westridge Market and Westridge Midtown Market.


Orchard Tours:        Sorry, we are no longer able to offer public tours
Just in case we do have a special event orchard tour,  be sure to sign up for our newsletter to hear about any tours or events.



Due to current food safety law (see FSMA if you are interested), Covid, insurance and time constraints we simply cannot allow the public into our orchards.