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Blood Oranges

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Ojai Blood Oranges: Shipping starts late January
Ships every Monday while the season lasts

We will fill one our mail order boxes with freshly picked Blood oranges from our Sheldon ranch uniquely situated along the Ventura River and/or some the amazing Smith's Red Valencias from our Newsome Ranch.

We grow several varieties of blood oranges:
Moro Blood Oranges: known for a deep color, rich taste
Tarocco blood oranges: known for excellent flavor, tons of juice
Smith's Red Blood oranges: a newer variety with a deep almost purple interior and easy to peel
Sanguinelli blood oranges:  simply beautiful, but more tart in taste, available in April or later

Our blood oranges are picked the same day they are shipped, so they will arrive to you as fresh as possible.  This is a great box to share, make beautiful juices and salads or simply to covet for yourself. Our blood orange season always comes and goes so quickly; once we start harvesting them and people catch on they are sold quickly. 

Box Size: Chose either the standard 10 pound box (approximately 30 pieces) or the large box (carton) with 22 pounds (approximately 70 pieces).

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