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Divided among 9 cousins. P=paid. 

Weekly assessment is $400/week

2024 -- Weekly assessment at $400


1/1/2024      P      Lee (traded with Pete/Lawrence)

1/8/2024      P     Pete/Lawrence (traded with Lee)

1/15/2024       P     Dylan, Justin and Genevieve

1/22/2024            Maintenance

1/29/2024      P     Gas line repair (Peter, Sherman and Tom)

2/5/2024      P      Allington (traded with Anne B)

2/12/2024      P      Emily

2/19/2024      P    Jennie Herrick (3 way trade with Rob T. and Lee)

2/26/2024     P    Anne B (traded with Allington)

3/4/2024     P      Nick Thacher (traded with Larry)

3/11/2024     P      Rob. T  (3 way trade with Jennie and Lee)

3/18/2024      P      Lee/Holly (3 way trade with Rob T. and Jennie)

3/25/2024     P       Nara and Jeffery

4/1/2024      P      Peter, Sherman and Tom

4/8/2024      P      Chris and Nick

4/15/2024     P      Larry (traded with George)

4/22/2024      P    Pete/Lawrence (traded with Nick T.)

4/29/2024      P      Allington

5/6/2024      P     George (traded with Larry)

5/13/2024     P       Holly and Lee

5/20/2024       P     Emily (traded with Nara) (traded with Dylan, Justin and Genevieve)

5/27/2024    P       Genevieve (traded with Nara and Jeffery)

6/3/2024     P       Peter, Sherman and Tom

6/10/2024     P       Chris and Nick

6/17/2024     P      Nara (swapped with Emily)

6/24/2024      P      Colin and Robertson

7/1/2024      P      Allington

7/8/2024      P      Pete/Lawrence

7/15/2024     P       Holly and Lee

7/22/2024     P       Dylan, Justin and Genevieve

7/29/2024     P      Emily (swapped with Nara)

8/5/2024            RENT

8/12/2024            RENT

8/19/2024      P     Allington (traded w/John and Caroline)

8/26/2024      P      Chris and Nick

9/2/2024       P     George

9/9/2024    P       Lee (traded with Pete/Lawrence t/w Colin and Robertson)

9/16/2024      P      John and Caroline (traded w/Allington)

9/23/2024      P     Pete/Lawrence

9/30/2024      P     Larry D. (traded with Lee)

10/7/2024     P       Nara and Jeff (traded with Dylan, Justin and Genevieve)

10/14/2024     P     Genevieve(traded with Nara and Jeffery)

10/21/2024     P       Peter, Sherman and Tom

10/28/2024     P       Chris and Nick

11/4/2024      P      Emily

11/11/2024      P      Colin and Robertson

11/18/2024       P     Allington

11/25/2024    P       Nick Thacher (traded with Larry DiCapua)

12/2/2024     P       Holly and Lee

12/9/2024      P      Dylan, Justin and Genevieve

12/16/2024     P       Nara and Jeffery

12/23/2024       P     Peter, Sherman and Tom

12/30/2024      P      Chris and Nick

owe 1 week to Peter/Tom/Sherman due to gas line repair week 1/29