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Just Navels (ships starting Jan 13th)

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Ships every Monday starting January 13th while the season last

Picked the day they are shipped!  Our Washington Navel oranges are not harvested until they are really sweet, up to our standards.  In January and early February we will also include Cara Cara Navels with their low acidity and beautiful pink coloration.  These delicious, seedless oranges are so tasty when picked fresh. Navel oranges are always seedless, easy to peel and are the quintessential taste of winter.  Just peel and eat– or add to salads, slice atop deserts or use for garnish to fancy-up just about any dish.  

We will ship our Navels every Monday while they are at their peak flavor.

Box Size: Chose either the standard 10 pound box (approximately 24-28 pieces) or the large box (carton) with 22 pounds (approximately 50-60 pieces). 

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