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Spring Citrus CSA: 6 boxes of fruit from Jan to May

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The Spring Citrus CSA: Six shipments of tasty Ojai citrus over the spring months!
Order by January 10th! 

‘CSA’ stands for ‘community supported agriculture.  Many of our loyal customers order fruit every 2 to 4 weeks, which keeps our mail order business going and puts smiles on customer faces as tasty treats arrive in the mail.  We are making it easy for you to place one order and receive our finest fruit as it ripens.  Six 10 pound boxes each containing what we believe to taste best will be shipped over the citrus season.  January will include Cara Cara Navels, Page tangerines and Blood oranges in February, March brings seedless tangerines (including Ojai Pixies), as the weather warms in April you will get our more exotic tasting tangerines.  This is a substantial discount from ordering boxes of our monthly special—and here and there we will treat our CSA customers with those special varieties that we don't have many of!

Availability: Boxes will most likely ship on the following Mondays:  January 13th, February 3rd, February 24th, March 9th, April 6th, and April 27th. (Weather can change these dates; or recipient can adjust by contacting us).

Shipping costs: Included for some western states (CA, OR, WA, UT and NV). Additional shipping costs are added at checkout; states on the east coast can be as much as $100 for the six 10-pound boxes; states in between the coasts vary.  
Please note: If you are shipping to a very remote address there may be additional shipping charges (we will let you know when we receive your order).

Please Note: We do not ship any fruit until the New Year, see above for expected shipping dates. 

Flexibility: Exact dates of shipping will depend upon the weather.  We cannot harvest in the rain (hopefully it does that here in Ojai this winter) and we do not ship into winter storms as citrus does not like to freeze even after harvest.  If recipients know they will be away we ask them to please let us know ahead of time so that fruit does not arrive to empty homes/offices.  Thanks.

Six 10 pound boxes of mixed Ojai citrus will ship from January to May. All six boxes must be shipped to the same address.
$320 + shipping

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