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Ojai Avocados

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Ojai Avocados: Offered by popular demand!
Available through April

We will fill one our mail order boxes with freshly picked Ojai Avocados. Our avocados are picked the same day they are shipped, so they will arrive to you with a few days remaining to ripen. Once ripe, avocados may be stored for one or two weeks in the refrigerator. This is a great box to share at the office, with your children’s teachers or simply to covet for your own family.

Availability: Fruit selection will vary by the season: In January we have Bacon Avocados, in February and March we have Fuerte Avocados followed by Hass Avocados in March and April. Exact varieties will depend on availability dictated by weather. All of our fruit is grown on our own farm, we grow for flavor and will not pick fruit until it is at it’s prime flavor.

A box of of tasty Ojai avocados containing approximately 10 pounds of fruit, about 14-18 pieces of fruit.

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