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Ojai Pixie Tangerines (shipping starts in March)

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Ojai Pixie Tangerines: Ojai Pixies are our most popular fruit!

Orders placed now will ship March 7th or 14th.
**Order before December 14th for gift notes to arrive before Christmas**

These tangerines have put Ojai on the map and we will not ship them until we love the way they taste-- we are proud of growing some of the tastiest citrus on the planet! Orders placed before mid-February have the option of sending a note to the recipient so they will know to be on the lookout for their Ojai Pixies in March.  Orders placed before the season officially starts will include all sizes of fruit in the boxes; the first 2 weeks of shipping are not size-sorted. 

We have been growing Ojai Pixies since 1970 on our Sheldon Ranch in the west end of the Ojai Valley where they develop the best flavor due to our canyon breezes and warm winter days. They are wonderful seedless springtime treats for anyone to look forward to; kids of all ages just love them in part because of their low acid content which makes them extra sweet. We guarantee that they are sweet and seedless.

Order anytime and you will be the first to receive our famous seedless tangerines when they ripen in March. Orders placed before the month of March will include mixed sizes of fruit; small, medium and large sized fruit– we will literally pick the fruit and put it in the boxes without any size sorting or chemical treatment– fresh from the orchard! When the season starts, Ojai Pixie orders will be shipped in the order in which they are received.

Availability: Ojai Pixies do not come into season until March. We will begin shipping orders just as soon as the fruit is up to our excellent standards– you will be getting tree ripened, freshly picked fruit! Most orders should ship by March 7th– but Mother Nature dictates and orders can be delayed due to weather here or at the destination. You will receive an e-mail notice once an order prepares for shipping.

Box size: chose either a 10 pound box or 24 pound carton
$64.00 for 10 pounds (approx. 65 pieces of fruit) of seedless Ojai Pixie tangerines (plus shipping costs)
$98.00 for 24 pounds (approx. 185 pieces of fruit) of seedless Ojai Pixie tangerines (plus shipping costs)
Ojai Pixie season is not until March; orders will ship the first few weeks of March in the order in which they were received

Send a gift note for the Holidays: Choose to send a gift note for an additional $5.50 and we will send a note to the recipient letting them know to expect Ojai Pixie tangerines in March of the New Year. 
**Gift notes will arrive in time for Christmas for orders placed prior to December 14th.

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