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Tasty Ojai Tangerines (a mix of tangerine varieties!)

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As farmers, this is what we send our friends. A whole carton of Ojai tangerines is the best treat in the world!

**This box contains an assortment of tangerine varieties***

Tasty Ojai Tangerines: Ojai Tangerines begin to taste exquisitely sweet by mid-January all the way through our tangerine season which wraps up in early summer.  Our tangerines will be unlike anything you can find in a grocery store—boxes may include the following varieties: Clementines, Daisy, Lee Tangerines, W.Murcotts, Dancy tangerines, LeeXNova and Page mandarins and Ojai Pixies (when the pixies are in season). A minimum of two varieties will be included in each box, some boxes will contain 4 or 5 varieties depending upon what is available. A wonderful, tasty, healthy treat! We guarantee that folks living in colder climates will savor these Ojai citrus flavors!
Please note: not all of our tangerines are seedless.  We grow tangerines that taste great. Varieties like Lee, Clementine, Dancy and W.Murcott do have seeds, but their flavor is so superb that folks prefer them over the seedless types which maybe less flavorful.

Box size: Choose either a standard a 10 pounds of fruit (approx 50-60 pieces of fruit) or the 24 pound carton (approx 120 pieces of fruit).

Flexibility: Exact dates of shipping will depend upon the weather.  We cannot harvest in the rain (hopefully it does that here in Ojai this winter) and we do not ship into winter storms as citrus does not like to freeze even after harvest.  If recipients know they will be away we ask them to please let us know ahead of time so that fruit does not arrive to empty homes/offices.  Thanks.


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