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Page Tangerines

Page Tangerines

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Page Tangerines: very seasonal excellent flavor!
Ships every Monday while the season lasts-- the season starts 2/10

Page tangerines have a deep orange flesh and rich flavor.  Their peel has a good flavor for zesting and their juice is rich and flavorful. This box will contain all sizes of Page tangerines; just like people, they do tend to grow in all sizes.

We will pick the Page tangerines from our Sheldon ranch on Monday morning and fill one our mail order boxes with them and ship them the same day.

Our Page tangerine season lasts just as long as it takes to sell them;  it always comes and goes so quickly; folks catch on to the taste and start gobbling them up!  We plan to begin harvest around Feb 2nd and will likely be done by the end of February.

Choose either the 10 pound box (approximately 60 pieces) or the larger box (carton) with 24 pounds (approximately 140 pieces).

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